Environmental Policies

It is the policy of PetroTal to conduct all of its operations in a manner which will minimize its impact on the environment and strive to improve its environmental performance.

PetroTal has an established Corporate Management System in place to ensure that:

  1. There is a management organization in place to plan operations to minimize the impact to the environment from its operations by identifying and managing the relevant environmental risks.
  2. Environmental issues are considered from the outset when planning operations, to reduce waste, the consumption of resources and prevention of pollution to the environment.
  3. PetroTal provides the necessary training for its employees and contractors to ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to conduct operations in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  4. Adequate contingency plans for emergency/pollution situations are developed and implemented for all operations which may impact the environment.
  5. PetroTal complies with all the applicable environmental regulations and codes of practice
  6. PetroTal is committed to continual improvement of its performance by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  7. PetroTal will provide the necessary resources, advice and guidance to ensure the communication and implementation of this policy and to monitor and report on the company’s environmental performance.

PetroTal recognizes that minimizing environmental impact and the prevention of environmental incidents is essential to the efficient operation of its business. Accordingly, the management of environmental issues is an integral part of the company’s management arrangements and commands at least equal prominence when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.

This Environmental Policy shall be applied at all Sterling’s locations. PetroTal will review and audit all aspects of the management system to ensure that it is being complied with and to seek improvements to the system. The management system will continue to be actively developed in line with the development of Sterling’s business activities.

Although overall responsibility for environmental issues rests with Sterling, and ultimately the CEO, every employee and contractor must recognize their own responsibilities (in particular, any specific responsibilities under legislation, or delegated to them as individuals) to ensure sound environmental performance.

The management of environmental issues is an integral part of the PetroTal's management arrangements.